• circle drawings

    Circle Drawings
Detail of a drawing.

    A series of drawings featuring circles, plastic and thread.

  • stitched girl

    Embroidered girl dancing. Embroidery is non-traditional and heavily textured.

    Embroidered drawing on heat-fused plastic shopping bags.

  • sn’app

    sn'app symphony

    An experimental beatbox application with 8 editable tracks.

  • circles on 16 squares

    Circles on 16 Squares
Installed at Lapham Gallery.

    A 3.5′ square quilt made entirely from plastic shopping bags.

  • matrilineage

    "Matrilineage: Sis hand-beaded QR code"

    Series of 6 hand crafted QR codes that lead to stories about women and their relationship to technology.

  • signal

    Laser Engraved Digestive Track

    15 signs that explore ways of labeling a restroom.

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