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  • after the yellow wallpaper

    The “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a seminal feminist text originally published in 1892. In the story, the narrator has been diagnosed with “nervous depression” and “slight hysterical tendencies,” or what might label “postpartum depression” today. Her husband, who is also her doctor, prescribes a summer of absolute rest in an old ...

  • stitched girl

    Embroidered girl dancing. Embroidery is non-traditional and heavily textured.

    Embroidered drawing on heat-fused plastic shopping bags.

  • signal

    Laser Engraved Digestive Track

    15 signs that explore ways of labeling a restroom.

  • matrilineage

    "Matrilineage: Sis hand-beaded QR code"

    Series of 6 hand crafted QR codes that lead to stories about women and their relationship to technology.

  • selling madonna

    Images of madonna and child transform into contemporary advertisements of parent and child.

  • do you know her?

    Female archetypes in advertising projected onto a female body.

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