childhood truths

2004. Installation. Baby Blanket (8′ x 8′) with Interactive Toys, Micro-controller, Speakers, and Custom Software (written in MAX/MSP/JITTER).

Childhood Truths. Detail. "Letter Block".

Childhood Truths. Detail. "Dog".

Childhood Truths. Detail. "Tunnel".

Childhood Truths. Detail. "Mirror".

“Childhood Truths” is a reactive environment that challenges adults to relocate themselves to the “baby blanket” (proportional to an adult) on the floor. The blanket consists of four baby toys that flip, open, close and move. That movement triggers a sensor in the Teleo system (microcontroller) that plays a story from my own childhood, revealing how I perceived the world was when I was a child. Each of the 1-2min stories shares a truth of my childhood. For example, the pink, hidden mirror unveils my belief, as a child, that evildoers live within the looking glass during the dark of night.

Adults must, at the very least, sit on the blanket and move the toys for the environment to react and narrate a story. Forcing an adult into this “floor” experience on the floor brings him/her to a more open thought process. Art is no longer understood by looking at a wall, but, rather, on the floor in a play mat or story circle manner, similar to the experiences of a preschooler, but where the environment mediates the experiences of a child.

Childhood Truths Documentation from Rebecca Mushtare on Vimeo.

Childhood truths. Installed at Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center in Auburn, NY. 2005.